Daniel Arthur Edwards
Music Composer and Producer
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About / Bio
A black and white portrait of Daniel Arthur Edwards looking into the camera with serious expression, shot from a top-down perspective. He has very long curly hair, short trimmed beard and is wearing black glasses and a black shirt.
Daniel Arthur Edwards (*1997) grew up in a musical family, both parents being professional musicians. Already at the early age of 3, he had first experiences with the piano, followed by studies on the clarinet at age 6, later saxophone and trombone. From the very beginning, his main interest was in creating his own music. Interestingly for him, musical emotions were always directly linked to perceiving images and colors.

As a teenager, he grew more and more interested in film-making, which led him to an internship at a local TV studio. During this time, he had the opportunity to work in many different departments – Camera, Lighting, Editing, Directing and Sound. Not neglecting his musical development, this was also the time in which he very actively taught himself the programming of electronic music, never limiting himself to a specific genre. This soon evolved into the creation of electronically produced orchestral-music.

While during the internship and several years to follow, he had wanted to become a DP (Director of photography) in the motion picture industry - Finally, his main interest shifted back to writing music, however, his passion in movies persists, as to composing music for this medium.

His experience with many technical and artistic aspects of film-making and the strong link between the “thinking-feeling-hearing” of music and perception of pictures, make him deeply understand the requirements and needs a musical score must meet to effectively contribute to the story and carry emotions.

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